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What is lunar counseling?

Astrology, counseling and channeling COMBINED.

Together we will pull from your birth chart what is most aligned based on your intentions and needs right now to bring you deep clarity on your journey.

When working with me you'll always receive more than just your chart. Along with traditional counseling based in my psychology education, I channel in a high dimensional galactic, loving perspective to get you to where you want to be.

Below you can get more details about my session offerings and view my booking calendar for each.

Lunar Nodes

1:1 Live Session *client favorite*

The lunar nodes (north and south nodes) are an incredibly valuable part of our birth chart that tell us about our soul's life path in this lifetime. Lunar nodes are a favorite of mine and my clients because evolutionary astrology takes the stance that our birth chart is like a blueprint, displaying our soul's journey over time - not just our personality traits. Using the valuable (not to mention validating) information our lunar nodes offer us gives a massive advantage as we overcome repetitive blocks, get unstuck from a rut, feel satisfied with our lives and certain of what our personal purpose in this lifetime really is. They also provide insight into our past lives and their impact on our current life. We will reveal your specific soul's life path, your karma, your past lives, obstacles, and your natural gifts. I'll provide guidance on how to actually use those insights in your real life to flow with your nodes most easily. You'll receive more than just the information your nodes hold. You'll also have a channel & counselor by your side, applying this knowledge to your real life situations together. You can expect all this infused with real-talk, playfulness, non-judgement and comfort, no matter your level of astrological experience. Beginner friendly!

60 min.


Custom Focus

1:1 Live Session

Feel like your life or astrological curiosities don't fit into categories like "love" and "work"? Planning for the future or on a shadow work journey? Deep diving into past lives? More advanced in your astrology experience and looking to get specific? Gain insight and guidance on the custom focus of your choice!


- Karmic Placements In-Depth Guidance (Lilith, Chiron, Pluto, Lunar Nodes, etc) *great for shadow work!*

- Saturn Return Guidance

- Annual Profections 

- 12 Houses (themes & predictions in your houses such as money, marriage, children, career, health, friendship, etc)

- Personal Transit Forecast (3 months, 6 months, love, obstacles, luck, power days, etc)

- Collective Astro Events (plus the interaction with your personal birth chart)

- Business Consulting (Star aligned timelines for your goals + more)

- Ancestral/Generational Chart Reading

60 min


Channeled Counseling

1:1 Live Session (Non-Astrological or Follow Up)

Experience the life changing benefits of having CLEAR guidance through the changes, challenges, and growth occurring in your life channeled in for your highest good with a comforting, safe counselor by your side. Channeled counseling includes using my education and experience in psychology & counseling to provide guidance on spiritual or personal matters, as well as channeled messages of the highest light and good. Receive exactly what you need to hear on your path right now while being held in non-judgment and universal love. This is also the place to book if you're looking to follow up, review or dive deeper into previous sessions we have had together.
60 min.


1:1 Live Session

Having clarity on how you give & receive love is crucial. Working with the way you naturally connect & relate will help you to recognize your ideal partner when you meet them or deepen your understanding of the dynamics & patterns in your current relationship. Discover what attracts others to you and what themes are lying under the surface in love, romance, the bedroom, and even in friendships too! Venus, Mars & Mercury will be highlighted.

60 min.


Full Birth Chart

1:1 Live Session

Learn in depth about your Sun, Moon, Rising, Venus and Mars placements (+ your stelliums and more). These parts of your birth chart set up a framework for your personality and life patterns that I will guide you to use to your advantage. Together we will reveal insights into different aspects of the way you experience love, work, home, family, friendship and the multiple layers of your personality - past and present. You'll achieve a greater understanding of yourself and your behavior that will assist you as you move through the challenges of life, as well as education on what these personal planets represent. You can expect all this infused with real-talk, playfulness, joy, acceptance and personalized guidance along the way. Great for those new to astrology!
60 min.

My most FAQ of all the session FAQs:

There is so much I want to discuss, can we talk through all of these options and more in our first session?

While all of my work is supportive within a single session, many clients choose to work with me regularly or ongoing. My educational background in counseling and conversational session style lends itself to a natural continuous space for astrological exploration and personal growth as life unfolds in real time. Sometimes this looks like meeting bi-weekly, monthly, yearly - depending on what we are walking through, learning, or practicing together. (tldr, yes, and we have the opportunity to meet again as well)

Love Note for You ~

I see you. You are incredibly powerful, strong, and aware. I’m so grateful you are here. Imagine that inner strength you know you posses being amplified and lighting the way during the challenges of life… with a guide who will understand and embrace YOU for all your unique-ness. I'm here to hear you, hold space for you, & walk with you through the dark as you make it out the other side ~ clear, confident, and capable!

Note for You

Daniela Galdi

A friend suggested I reach out to Bridget when I told her I was due for some guidance on how to proceed with my career direction. This was the best suggestion I had ever taken. I had a session on my North and South Nodes. She knows her stuff. Bridget was professional, positive, optimistic, skilled, knowledgeable and her kind and bubbly demeanor made our first session even more enjoyable. Her communication of information was delivered with a sensitivity that made me feel extremely comfortable during our session. She shared such valuable information and broke down the information making sure that what she was sharing made sense. After our session, I felt so much more mindful and aware, but most importantly, reassured and confident to move forward. I plan on continuing my sessions with Bridget and cannot wait till our next one!


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