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BP's Approach to Spirituality

My Approach to Spirituality

Spiritual or not spiritual? Fit into the "spiritual person" stereotypes or not at all? ALL views and lifestyles are welcome here.

The spiritual community is loaded with "all love and light" gurus. "All positive vibes" is an amazing outlook, but it erases our real life range of emotions and flux between "darkness" and light. I believe "negative" emotions are just as spiritual as positive ones, if not more so because they deliver divine messages to us showing where change needs to happen.

Embracing duality (including shadow work), as well as never fitting the "spiritual person" stereotypes visually within the spiritual community, especially online, I learned to even more deeply resonate with the multi-dimensionality of human experiences along with my personal spiritual and witchy practices. I created my own place in the spiritual & astrological community where I can work with and comfort individuals looking for guidance or simply lead by radically authentic example. I am a facilitator of personal & karmic soul growth who is not afraid of the "dark". Our "shadow" selves and our past (in this life or another) hold valuable insights into why we do the things we do, and how we can best use our talents as we move forward out of comfort zones into our most aligned versions.

About My Channeling

About My Channeling

I channel a range of high dimensional beings and primarily work with the Arcturian Collective to provide a galactic, loving perspective to get you to where you want to be. This comes through in my astrology & counseling sessions as a natural fluid integration in conversations, bringing in warm wisdom and gentle guidance that is always for my clients highest good. This built-in additional service in my work adds invaluable insights. 

About My Methods

My method involves weaving together my previous career in mental health counseling with extensive training in spiritual healing modalities and astrology. I have been a channel my entire life and have been honing and refining my gifts for a decade. Incorporating my natural gift of channeling in all that I do elevates the impact of holding trauma-informed space for my clients to receive the optimal support to embark on their most fulfilling life path and clear what has been holding them back. It is my deepest honor to do this work and I can't wait to walk with you as your rise into your highest potential.

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