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Hi, I'm BP.

I'm Bridget Pennisten, but I go by BP. I’m an Astrologer, Counselor and High Dimensional Channel. I pull on my formal psychology education to create a multi-level guidance experience. By blending astrology and channeling with traditional counseling, my clients see life changing results that empower them to dive deep into their soul's calling and reach their goals. Infusing playfulness, real-talk, and my natural gift of creating a safe space free of judgement allows my clients to feel comfortable as they receive the clarity they need to take the most aligned next steps on their spiritual or business journey. Instilling confidence and reminding clients of their light as they move forward through the twists and turns on their life path is my soul's mission.

Hi, I'm BP
Why Astrology?

Why Astrology?

My professional journey didn't begin with astrology. A challenging young life filled with hard experiences led me to studying psychology in college. Like many of us, I wanted to know WHY? Why did these challenges happen? How can I use them to grow? How can I take my power back? Why do I do the things I do? Why do the blocks in my way keep reoccurring? What can I do about it? Psychology provided a scientific window into this, and allowed me to begin my life path of turning my pain into passion and helping others do the same. However, a spiritual awakening led me to realize that there are MORE angles to understanding ourselves and life's events than just studying the brain. Having a "logical" type of mind, astrology offered a new lens for me to see my life's path objectively, knowing that astrology was backed by thousands of years of evidence. Not only that, but it VALIDATED my struggles in a clear mathematical way that helped to beat any self doubts about my reality and my experiences. My favorite part of my astrological studies? Evolutionary astrology, specifically the lunar nodes. The view through evolutionary astrology of our birth charts as a blueprint for our soul's journey was revolutionary in combining my spirituality with astrology. As a channel, practicing astrology and counseling at the same time - my channel opened up during my work with clients, creating the multidimensional method of empowerment that is now not only my work, but my soul's mission. I hope to share this incredibly inclusive, deep, universal viewpoint with you as well, walking you through it step by step in radical non-judgement.

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It's time to align with your soul's life path.

Life's too short to be unhappy, unfulfilled, or unsure of what to do next. I am here to help my clients achieve a more empowered outlook on life and equip them with all the tools they need - their personal astrology, grace for themselves through validation and understanding, clarity on the best ways to break through the blocks standing in their way and a real-life action plan.

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