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Client Love

What 1:1 Astrology Session Clients Have to Say

I so enjoyed my North/South Node Session with BP. This was my first astrology session ever and I really appreciated the simplicity, groundedness and clarity of it which was easy for me to access and comprehend. I was given direct and practical tools to apply to my life as a means of moving forward on my Soul's path. One highlight for me was the approach of my life's challenges as being exciting tasks for me to keep growing into and I left the session really inspired and uplifted. I experience BP as someone who sincerely wants to help her clients, I am impressed by the true knowledge she carries and the full engagement in me getting the most out of our session.


Lisa Lestander

I availed BP's services to have a better understanding of my life's purpose. Her focus on Lunar Nodes and approach on breaking down what they meant was done in a manner that was easy to ingest and also encouraging. I would add that I have already previously received a birth chart analysis that included lunar nodes but still felt her services were necessary. As one may understand receiving information regarding our true purpose can be overwhelming and confusing, however my session with BP has helped me embrace my life path with excitement instead of viewing it as a daunting mission. She provided insights on what to normally expect on my personal journey in a very reassuring manner with very helpful guidance on where to start, and what strengths to focus on which I very much appreciated. Our session was a great confirmation of things that I have personally felt I was meant to do and was very comforting to have information that makes sense of them and validate that part of myself. I have walked away from our session completely satisfied and with a much clearer picture of my purpose, and strongly recommend her services for anyone looking for this clarity.

Dionne Enon

A friend suggested I reach out to BP when I told her I was due for some guidance on how to proceed with my career direction. This was the best suggestion I had ever taken. I had a session on my North and South Nodes. She knows her stuff. BP was professional, positive, optimistic, skilled, knowledgeable and her kind and bubbly demeanor made our first session even more enjoyable. Her communication of information was delivered with a sensitivity that made me feel extremely comfortable during our session. She shared such valuable information and broke down the information making sure that what she was sharing made sense. After our session, I felt so much more mindful and aware, but most importantly, reassured and confident to move forward. I plan on continuing my sessions with BP and cannot wait till our next one!

Daniela Galdi

BP created a safe, welcoming space where I could comfortably explore and learn without judgement.  I immediately felt at ease (in spite of my nerves) as she expertly guided me through my Lunar Nodes session - which gave me an incredible insight into not only understanding certain life events, but also in gaining clarity on how to align with my life path.  Everything started to fall into place and make sense and I came away from the session with a renewed sense of direction and purpose.  I love working with BP and I can't recommend her enough.


Claire Lock

My Lunar Node session with BP was incredibly eye opening and insightful! I was able to view my obstacles and strengths from a new perspective that was really helpful for me. I had many realizations and connections between patterns, themes, and belief systems in my life. And I received a lot of ideas on how to go forward in alignment with my life path. I feel confident in utilizing the information and that it will benefit many avenues of my life. The session was incredibly reassuring and comforting in many ways. BP made the session informative yet safe and enjoyable. I highly recommend going to BP for your astrological needs!

Nicole Superits

BP has a beautiful gift of retrieving the light within someone and revealing it back to them- awakening and reminding them of their true gifts and forgotten light. She has such a fun and unique spunk to her that makes receiving guidance enjoyable and exciting. What I love most about BP's gifts is that she infuses her gift of channeling into her session to provide a powerful and one-of-a kind experience. If you're a stargazer ~ space longer ~ this is the little alien you're gonna want to work with. She’s powerful and guides a sacred and deep experience.

Ashley DuFresne

I have worked with BP a couple of times in different capacities - from guidance to energy work, and astrology readings. You can have all the concerns in the world and there is something about just being in BP's energy that simply melts it all away. I still hear her reminders in my head that I’ve helped fuel my fire into creating change but also being patient and kind to myself because that is who BP is. She is patient, she’s nurturing, silly and bright and I am so grateful every time I work with her and so grateful every time I hear her voice pop up in my head -kindly reminding me and navigating me with insight and reminders. Thanks BP, you are so special!

Michelle Baird

I absolutely loved my North/South Node session with BP. I've always wanted to get more into astrology and learn more about my chart but felt so intimated by how complex it can be. BP was super knowledgeable and was able to shed light on my chart in a way that was so easy to understand. She is such a light and I would recommend her to anyone, she really creates a comfortable atmosphere to dive in and learn about yourself on a deeper level through astrology.

Rachael Bradbury

It was a pleasure to work with BP and get some insights on my lunar nodes! She knows what she's doing and offers a very safe space to dive deep into this karmic placement. It was super cool to understand and get perspective on all of this, along with some very interesting and practical ways to tap into the energy of the north node. I totally recommend her service and will be coming back to explore even more!


Gabriel Loignon

My session with BP was enlightening to say the least- packed with connection and meaningful AH-HA moments pertaining to lifelong, ongoing themes I’ve managed in my lifetime. Her energy and passion for astrological wisdom are enigmatic and filled me with so much excitement during our session that I didn’t want it to end. She also provided me with clear guidance on how to move forward in my life by WORKING WITH my unique lunar nodes to both understand and embrace why I am experiencing specific types of struggle and success. I LOVED OUR SESSION!

Alissa Bailey

When you work with BP, you are getting more than a standard astrology session. You are getting years of self dedicated study, not out of necessity, but out of passion for learning. This alone sets her ahead of the curve. BP gives more than the usual run down. She goes into depth on the more unexplored areas of personal astrology, which others may not see as significant. Her information is precise, scarily accurate and will leave you with a greater awareness of yourself, your life and inner being. On top of all that, she presents it in her own unique and entertaining way which makes her sessions all the more beneficial. She is one hell of an astrologer!

Odin Sadge

Working with BP is not only a pleasure but also a great opportunity to gain a lot of deep knowledge about the karmic aspects of astrology. With BP I have always felt very welcomed, safe, and deeply connected from the first minute of our first session on. BP’s knowledge and professional working style is full of understanding, practical & warm words and helping guidance towards the shadows and the light times. There is one special thing I want to highlight especially: BP’s love and understanding towards the struggle and lessons one has to go through. Especially with a lot of Pluto/Scorpio/Saturnian stuff going on in your chart. BP helped me to realize how beautiful it is to have a Scorpio stellium in my 12th house. Even if this is not always easy to work with (in my personal life) I now understand how beautiful and safe it could be to show all those parts as well. I felt understood, safe and seen the way I am all the time. And this is something that does not happen often in my life.

Laura Berninger

Having BP read my natal chart was an eye opening, head bumping experience. She clarified so much going through my ascendant, moon, sun, venus and mars placements in my chart. I learned not only what the planets represented but there placements and how crazy, freaky accurately they correlated with my personality. Being extremely knowledgeable and presenting this information to me in a humorous, loving manner made it a unique and fun comfortable experience. Her being able to relate and share her experiences and knowledge about the lunar nodes in my birth chart was my favorite part. Learning about my life path was inspiring! And made me even more confident to keep pushing towards the direction my destiny! It was a great experience and it definitely made me more aware and intrigued to dive into astrology more.

Nikko Bolivar

BP is super intuitive and easy to talk to. She presented the information about my chart in a super practical way that was easy for me to understand even though I am not super well versed in astrology. What stood out to me the most was how everything she said RESONATED so much! It gave me encouragement to keep going after what I want and am meant to create in my life even when it feels like climbing a mountain. She left me feeling empowered and inspired to go create my dream life!

Emily Resick

I really found BP's interpretations of my South and North node to be extremely helpful. This will help me to be aware, influence events on Earth and my daily life! To live out my souls purpose!! With this knowledge I can push through the fear and let go of what isn’t as full filling. I think it's essential to understand and not to instill negative belief patterns and that’s exactly what she does!

Macey Ramsey

I had such a great reading with BP. We had to converse over the phone, but it didn't feel any different than if we had been on video because it still felt comfortable and like I was chatting with a friend. I myself am familiar with nodes, and have been on a journey, but have been recently stuck on a road block and BP was great at helping me reestablish the journey I am on and even helped me identify where I'm stuck. Just this initial reading helped me switch gears and gain perspective and got me back on track. It was truly invaluable for me, and I recommend any reading from BP, be it a Natal or Lunar Nodes reading. I plan on doing more readings in the future!

Sage Nelsen

I loved everything about my session with BP. It was our first time meeting but I felt like I was talking with a friend. Her quirky personality, knowledge of astrology, and guidance gives you comfort in knowing you are in good hands. I received a birth chart reading and it gave me a better understanding of my past and my present life. After the session I felt a deeper connection with myself and the universe. BP is a powerful queen and you should book a session with her stat.

Jenna Parlovecchio

BP is a fun and real guide to uncover your life's purpose by navigating your stars. I had a very eye-opening session focused on my lunar nodes in relationship to my life's purpose. It REALLY helped me to gain more clarity on making the most of my precious time here on Earth and where I'll integrate this into my way of being of service. I just LOVE BP's passion for the lesser studied aspects of our charts and how it plays into the more mainstream view of our natal chart. I'm very grateful for the information, approach and personality that BP spins into her sessions. You feel safe being yourself around BP and I HIGHLY recommend her!

Karlyn L.

HeyHero Video Reviews

Mini Astrology Readings

Answers to your astrology questions in personalized video replies. Here's what people are saying:

BP, your response to my question was *perfection*. Everything you said was crazy resonant. I ended up sharing your response video with my boyfriend who doesn't particularly trust astrology - but even he agreed that what you said was exactly the truth of my life experience. Thank you and don't be surprised if I return for more questions!

Angela S.

Very accurate and gave me a lot of clarity as well as reassurance in terms of truth. I’ve always thought about these things being true but second guessed myself a lot, or felt unsure of how I saw things. Very interesting to hear this repeated back to me from someone else! Greatly appreciate the time taken to look into my chart and answer my question. Thank you!

Mihi P.

So so sooo beyond happy with the insights you provided! Really appreciate the depth of the answers as well! Will definitely be looking to book a 1:1 session with you in the future! Thanks again!

Cassidy H.

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