Welcome! I'm BP!

Awaken into Your Soul's Path with Lunar Counseling

Welcome! I'm BP - Astrologer, Counselor & Channel

My mission is to guide soulful leaders into clarity and comfort on their personal, spiritual & business journeys. I create safe space for you to harness the insights of astrology in real life and walk beside you as you break through the blocks standing in your way. I am so grateful that you landed here today.


Take Aligned Action

Relieve your self-doubt and remember your light.

Understand yourself and the direction your soul is headed on a deeper level. No more questioning yourself. Your star alignment holds the clarity you're looking for.

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Astrologer - Counselor - High Dimensional Channel

I guide my clients to better understand, embrace and work with their authentic selves by creating a safe (and fun) space for growth. Empowering spiritual badasses to harness the insights of astrology in real-life and deepen their connection to the stars lights me up!


I so enjoyed my North/South Node Session with BP. This was my first astrology session ever and I really appreciated the simplicity, groundedness and clarity of it which was easy for me to access and comprehend. I was given direct and practical tools to apply to my life as a means of moving forward on my Soul's path. One highlight for me was the approach of my life's challenges as being exciting tasks for me to keep growing into and I left the session really inspired and uplifted. I experience BP as someone who sincerely wants to help her clients, I am impressed by the true knowledge she carries and the full engagement in me getting the most out of our session.


Lisa Lestander