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Mercury Retrograde Master Package

Your own personal astrologer & counselor by your side through the notoriously frustrating Mercury retrograde. For those who are ready to skip all the delays, hangups, blocks, powerlessness and weird vibes & ROCK Mercury retrograde with no fear!

Take back your power and peace of mind!

Don’t be a victim of astrological events. 
Mercury retrograde (Rx) is a time period known for being a disaster. THIS Mercury retrograde happens to begin on Halloween - when the veil is already the thinnest between the physical world and the spirit world! Yikes! This Rx will be extra intense, stronger than it usually would be.

Mercury Rx effects everyone, but it impacts each of us differently.

When Mercury goes into retrograde - travel snafus, delays, arguments, technology issues, lost items, heightened sensitivity, chaos and (often painful) truths spilling out becomes our reality.

Retrogrades are important because they impact the way we see things. There is big time distortion as our perspective shifts. This is why things always feel wonky in Mercury Rx. Mercury is about communication so distortion there can cause all kinds of messes.

Mercury Rx leaves us feeling frustrated, powerless, and disappointed. However, it doesn’t have to go that way…

Save yourself from the cosmos throwing you curveballs left and right, leaving you discouraged and exhausted. Know exactly what areas of your life will be impacted the most and how to avoid chaos with confidence.

Tons of fear is generated online around Mercury Rx - making you feel powerless at the mercy of the planets.

Hey, I'm BP!

I am so happy you landed here today! I’m an experienced astrologer, high dimensional channel, and personal coach. I pull on my formal psychology education to create a multi-level guidance experience. By blending astrology, channeling, and energy healing with traditional counseling, my clients see real life changing results that empower them to reach new heights. I LOVE guiding soulful badasses like you, infusing joy into my work, and bringin’ the real talk. I had to walk through the dark on my own in the past, and now it is my mission to walk with others on their journey with love, wisdom, and non-judgement. Providing comfort & validation through life’s weirdness makes my heart GLOW! 
Sidenote - I am a certified Reiki Master/Teacher too! :)


You can experience comfort, clarity, reassurance and confidence from astrology, rather than feeling dejected, intimidated, or lost.

Google searches and astrology apps (like the Pattern or Co-star) are great, but they can’t compare to working with your own personal astrologer to dive into your chart 1:1 and applying it to your REAL LIFE together in a practical way that makes sense. General searches and computer/app generated reports can be confusing, impersonal, overwhelming, negative, have conflicting info between sources… not to mention the only option when you have a question about something is more searches and digging around article after article, post after post, looking for something that resonates.

You have the power to prepare and utilize this Rx to your advantage!

Understand yourself, the stars, and the events in your life on a much deeper level than ever before.

You have nothing to fear when you’re equipped with all the info YOU personally need to know to flow with ease from your personal astrologer/channel/counselor by your side 24/7 guiding you to success. You won’t be alone in this weird time. I’ve got your back.


For a limited time...

Using your birth chart in a 1:1 session, we will reveal where in your life you will be impacted the most by this Rx and how to minimize the potential incoming turmoil. You’ll understand your chart, why certain parts of your chart will be hit hardest, and how to use that information in your real day to day life. Your session will also include channeled guidance just for you.

The support doesn’t stop there! You will receive weekly updates on the transits effects for you & 24/7 access to me via voice & text to answer any questions, make sense of the experiences you’re having, share your wins, and lovingly guide you through the weird stuff.

Inside this one of a kind package:

Going through weird wacky times alone is hard! Receive support, comfort, guidance, relief and maybe even a little bit of fun during this Rx from an astrologer, high dimensional channel, & counselor who genuinely cares.

  • A live 1:1 video session breaking down your birth chart & mercury rx’s impact for you (+ channeled guidance & counseling on real life application of the info)

  • Weekly updates on the transit’s progress & effects on your chart

  • 24/7 access to me via voice & text throughout the entire Rx (Voxer & email)

When you work with Bridget, you are getting more than a standard astrology session. You are getting years of self dedicated study, not out of necessity, but out of passion for learning. This alone sets her ahead of the curve. Bridget gives more than the usual run down. She goes into depth on the more unexplored areas of personal astrology, which others may not see as significant. Her information is precise, scarily accurate and will leave you with a greater awareness of yourself, your life and inner being. On top of all that, she presents it in her own unique and entertaining way which makes her sessions all the more beneficial. She is one hell of an astrologer!

Odin Sadge

This is for:

  • Astrology beginners all the way up to seasoned experts

  • Folks sensitive to energy

  • Seekers of deep understanding and inner power

  • Those who are tired of feeling out of control or disempowered

  • Spiritually inclined or open minded folks (including those who don’t fit the “spiritual person” stereotypes)

  • Seekers of a loving consultant by the their side as they move through this intimidating Rx

This is NOT for: 

  • Folks who are not ready to take action

  • Those who want to their lives to be dictated by the planetary movements

  • Seekers of trivial generic info

If you identify with the top list and NOT the bottom list, and this mercury rx guide package feels good - I’d LOVE to chat with you!

Let’s talk energetic investment ~

aka the energetic output that the universe will reflect back to you 10 fold once embodying the astrological alignment cultivated inside the Mercury Retrograde Master Package ;)

Mercury Rx Master Package - 3 Week Personal Support

✔️ Your live 1:1 video session breaking down your birth chart & mercury rx’s impact for you (+ channeled guidance & counseling on real life application of the info)

✔️ Lifetime access to the recording of your session

✔️ Weekly updates on the transit’s progress & effects on your chart + check ins

✔️ 24/7 access to me via voice & text throughout the entire 3 week Rx (Voxer & email)


Ask me how you can be a VIP & get all this for only $200!

(only for the first 10 people so act now!)


When does this start & end?

Oct. 31st - Nov. 20th is the entire 3 week Mercury Rx period. You can sign up anytime before the Rx ends :)

Is this a private or group package?

This is a private 1:1 consultant package with me, your personal astrologer, so that you are given the full opportunity to be seen, heard, and supported as an individual.

Is this still for me if I don’t have a spiritual practice?

Yes of course! Astrology itself has mathematical and observational roots. If you have a spiritual practice that’s great ~ we can deepen it and help tailor it to your success during this time.

Love Note for You ~

I see you. You are incredibly powerful, strong, and aware. I’m so grateful you are here. Imagine that inner strength you know you posses being amplified and lighting the way during these weird astrological times… with a guide who will understand and embrace YOU for all your unique-ness, hear you, hold space for you, & walk with you through the dark as you make it out the other side ~ clear, confident, and smooth as heck in a Mercury Rx cycle! 

Feeling the pull but have questions? 

You can email me directly at

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