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Image by Nathan Anderson

BP's Personal Story

When I was young, I KNEW I was meant to help people and was spiritually gifted but did not have the right support on my journey, especially through my "dark night of the soul." For me that darkness looked like overcoming addiction, coming out as LGBTQ as a teen, freeing myself from depression and anxiety, processing the grief of a parent's suicide, separating from a toxic relationship, feeling lost and unable to see a clear vision of my future ... "yikes" would be the right word for it. I'm truly grateful to have survived and then thrived - happy, healthy and proud for over a decade.

My way out of all the darkness? Embracing my spiritual path, my starseed soul, my natural gifts, my education, and working with light leaders & mentors that encouraged me to follow my highest excitement.

I felt in my soul that I was here to walk with others through their darkness, their lightness, and everything in between, so that they would not have to walk their path alone or in shame. I searched and searched for the "right way" to share my mission with the world for many years. I studied psychology, counseling, energy healing, divination and astrology.

After working as a clinical mental health and addictions counselor, opening my own Reiki studio as a Reiki Master & Teacher, and then following my heart into astrology, I found that the common theme was providing a sense of safety, comfort, and reassurance. Now as an empowered entrepreneur I combine all of my skills with my soul's mission & natural gift of bringing clarity, confidence, and real-life guidance to my clients.

I share this vulnerable story with you to hopefully spark something in you. Most of my clients have had some "yikes" at some point in their lives too. Many of us experience self-doubt and feel defeated by the cycles of blocks that come up as we expand and level up. But guess what? You already have the strength, light and direction you are seeking within you. I'm here to remind you while I provide you with more tools, perspectives & gentle support to take the next soul-aligned steps on your personal, spiritual or business journey.

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